hello! i'm cliford

i try to write technical blog posts. i also post life updates sometimes.

On GNU/Linux and Ricing

Intro No blog of mine is complete without a rant (and/or flex) about GNU/Linux and my choice of distro (take a guess). An introduction to the terms mentioned here for any uninitiated (non-existent) readers:- GNU/Linux (popularly and arguably known as Linux): An open-source operating system (which can be free) Rice: a swamp grass which is widely cultivated as a source of food Now that we have the essential information, we can get on to the story of how my experience with Linux led me to start a tech-repair empire by “putting it in rice”.

Setting Up a Website

(Evil) Backstory So, I finally decided to buy myself a domain and put myself out there on the interwebs. This obviously isn’t my first presence on the internet (throwback to pre-affordable-internet days when I used to sit around scrolling on the sand as opposed to almighty machine learning overlord curated content). Old Website I even used to have a website before this one. Right around the time I created a GitHub, I managed to whip up a simple landing page for myself which has been available at clifordjoshy.