Attentrack - an android app

an app to help me skip just the right amount of classes and ensure 80% attendance.

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A native android app made in Java using Android Studio. It allows you to add your subjects, and course details and with that calculates how many classes you can miss in a particular semester. You can mark all the classes you’ve missed and the app keep tracks of your attendance for you.

Additionally, you can also add in your assignments and submissions to be reminded of your due dates and such.

Personal Notes


This was the first ever app I made. I’m not entirely sure why I chose to jump into Java as opposed to Flutter which was reasonably popular at the time. I believe it was a byproduct of my “seething hatred for iPhones and all things Apple” phase.

This series of tutorials by Google was what helped the most for me to grasp the fundamentals of app dev with absolutely zero knowledge on any other development domains. But that is not why I remember the series so fondly though. There’s this one scene in there where all of them sit around with empty coffee mugs sipping coffee. Something about that video cracked me up so hard.


  • Aside from me and a few close friends, no one else ever actually ended up using this app in the long term.
  • I developed this during COVID times and as such, no one really cared about attendance. By the time I got back to college, our attendance restrictions were also relaxed. So, I’ve only ever used the time table feature in “production”. Not gonna lie, it is pretty solid for that aspect.
  • The UI still holds up. Bunch of people have randomly asked me what time table app that is saying that it’s pretty. feelsgoodman. (special mention to my pal Aravind who majorly helped out with the UI)