Rajpath Recalls - an android app

an app to listen to our college radio stream and chat with other viewers

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A native android app made I built for our college radio. The app fetches a livestream and plays it showing the current playing track/program. The user is allowed to pause and subsequently sync back to the live stream as required.

The app also features a live chat with all active users, and a means to see the schedule of programs happening at any given day. Both of these features were implemented using the Realtime Database feature of Firebase.

The live stream was initially hosted using zeno.fm, but has since moved to an AzuraCast instance.

The app has had more than a 1000 unique users at it’s peak.

Personal Notes

This was the first of my apps that actually went into production and had a sizeable userbase. This was built during the online era and was meant for that. So, as all things do, the app eventually fell out of use as everyone returned to college and live events. Fingers crossed on a comeback.