Rubiks Cube Solver

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My implementation of a Rubik’s cube solver using the Thisthlethwaite algorithm. A solution can be found for any shuffled state in 45 moves or less.

The algorithm works by splitting the solving into various stages such that

  • each stage only uses a subset of the possible moves
  • moves used in a stage will not be needed in any subsequent stages

With the above restrictions, an iterative deepening depth-first search is conducted on the state space until a solution is obtained.

The program was able to find solutions for most states in under a minute. The running speed can be further optimised by making use of look-up tables.

Personal Notes

This was a pretty hard project to implement. The only proper piece of documentation I could find for this algorithm was a letter from Thisthlethwaite linked above. I had to pour over those papers for days on end to properly understand the algorithm.